⚽ Bets for the weekend February 18-19, 2017

Milan - Fiorentina

This is a match for 6 points. In recent matches Milan has showed extremely unconvincing condition and it seems to concede goals from Fiorentina in this match. The last 8 matches of Violets in Serie A have been "over". In the last 6 matches Fio has scored by 2+ goals. However, at home side Milan used to play "under" matches against Fiorentina. But we expect the guests to score.


Real Madrid - Espanyol

13 of the last 14 matches between Real Madrid and Espanyol have been played with TO 2.5. Participation of some Real's players is on issue, but it is not critical. However Espanyol has problems: Navarro, Piatti, Fuego, Reyes risk not to play with Real Madrid. Currently Royal Club is incredibly scoring, so we expect the continuation of 16-match tradition and bet on TO 2.5.


Borussia Dortmund - Wolfsburg

Dortmund has slowed down slightly in the championship, but Bumblebees are still good, they hasn't lost in the last 30 home side matches. Dortmund plays against Wolfsburg quite effectively: Bumblebees have scored by 2+ goals per match in 12 of the last 15 meetings. Borussia has played the last 6 matches with TO 2.5. Both teams come to the match without new injuries and surprises. We choose TO 2.5 here.


⚽ Bets on February 17, 2017

Porto - Tondela

Porto comes to the match without any staffing losses at all. However Tondela has such losses. Moreover, Tondela has failed to score in 4 away matches. Plus, Tondela hasn't managed to win in 11 away matches as well. Given the fact that Porto has winning series of 6 matches, we bet on a convincing home side win.


Juventus - Palermo

This is another match with a clear favorite. Juventus against Palermo is a) 9 wins in the last 9 matches, b) 9 "clean sheet" matches in the last 9 games, c) 28 home side wins. It is an easy bet on win of Juventus with a handicap of 2 goals or more.


Bastia - Monaco

In 6 of the last 8 matches against Bastia, Monaco has been able to keep its nets clean. In the last 6 matches against Bastia, Monaco has won 5 times and played a draw once. The matches between these two teams are usually "over". Most likely, there will be a confident away win with a margin of 2 goals and TO 2.5.


⚽ Bets on the Europe League February 16, 2017

Anderlecht - Zenit

Both teams are very scoring! Zenit has played the last 7 matches in the Europe League with TO 2.5 having scored by 2 or more goals per match. Anderlecht has the same series but it is a little shorter - 3 matches. In general, we expect goals here! TO 2.5 is our bet in this match!


Celta - Shakhtar

Shakhtar has just a crazy statistic in the Europe League: for the last 4 matches Ukrainian team has scored by 4 goals per match! Winning series of Shakhtar in the Europe League lasts for 8 matches in a row. However, Stepanenko won't play in this match, plus it is unknown what condition the players would have after a long winter off-season. Celta is very good (despite a dramatic elimination the Cup). It is difficult to predict the outcome of the match but we expect both teams to score.


Manchester United - Saint-Etienne

MU is a favorite of the Europe League, although Saint-Etienne has been unbeaten in the Europe League for 10 consecutive matches. At Manchester United the participation of Rojo and Jones is on issue, while Saint-Etienne has problems with the squad. We don't expect defeat of the guests here, but we predict the minimum victory of mancunians and TU 2.5.


⚽ Bets on the Champions League on February 15, 2017

Bayern - Arsenal

Bayern, of course, is a favorite in this match. But don't forget that Arsenal has been unbeaten for 6 consecutive matches. Moreover, in the last 5 matches the Gunners have scored by 2+ goals per match, and the last 4 matches have been played with TO 2.5. Both teams are "over", so we expect goals and TO here. Both teams have about the same situations with injuries. So here we expect goals from both teams and offer not to bet on the Bayern's victory.


Real - Napoli

Madrid is an unconditional favorite in this match. Consider: Real Madrid has not lost in the Champions League for 10 matches, and in the last 6 matches Real Madrid has played with TO 2.5, having scored to the opponent by 2 or more goals per match. Gareth Bale is expected to appear on the field. The day before he has been working with the basic group. Both teams have no significant losses in the squads. We bet on TO 2.5 and the victory of Real Madrid with a handicap of 2 goals.


⚽ Bets on the Champions League February 14, 2017

PSG - Barcelona

Barcelona experiences staffing problems: Vidal, Mascherano and Rafinha are injured. As for PSG, Thiago Motta is suspended, but Pastore and Grzegorz Krychowiak should play. In general, as we see, Barca has serious problems in defense. In the Champions League PSG is an "over" team. Parisians have played 8 of the last 10 matches with TO 2.5. Plus, the last 4 home side matches of Paris Saint-Germain against Barca have been played with TO 2.5. Despite the fact that Barca has won the last 3 meetings with PSG, we offer to bet on a resulting draw. "Both teams to score" and TO 2.5 is a good bet for this match.


Benfica - Borussia Dortmund

Borussia has more injured players, although the Portuguese will play without Zivkovic due to his suspension. In this match Borussia seems a powerful, scoring favorite. Dortmund has played 7 of the last 8 matches with TO 2.5. At the same time in 5 matches Borussia has scored by 2 or more goals per match. Both teams are fast, technical and scoring. So we expect here TO 2.5, and possibly, win of Borussia.


⚽ Bets for the weekend

Deportivo Alaves - Barcelona

Barca approaches the match with some problems. It has played a difficult match in the Cup against Atletico Madrid, Mascherano is injured. Nevertheless, blaugranas has good statistics against Alaves: in the last 4 away matches against Alaves Barcelona has kept its nets clean, while in the last 4 matches between these teams there was TO 2.5. Therefore, we recommend to bet on the win of Barcelona with a handicap of 2 goals.


Burnley - Chelsea

The hosts have some staffing problems. In addition to the old injuries, Jeff Hendrick had been suspended. Chelsea is all right. Although Burnley has won its last five home side matches, Chelsea hasn't lost to Burnley for 6 matches in a row. We are confident that the aristocrats won't lose this time.


Swansea City - Leicester City

It is an important match for both teams. Everything indicates that it wouldn't be easy for Leicester to win. Let's consider the statistics: Leicester hasn't managed to score for 5 matches in a row in the Premier League, and England champion has failed to win in the last 14 away matches! At the same time, Swansea is an "over" team: it has played the last 12 matches in the Premier League with TO 2.5. It seems that Leicester would concede at least 2 goals in this match!


⚽ Bets on the Premier League February 11, 2017

Arsenal - Hull City

Arsenal is almost eliminated from the champions race. But the Gunners need to score points for the most successful finish of the season. Hull is a perfect opponent for Arsene Wenger. Firstly, for the last 8 away matches Hull has managed to score only once. Secondly, Arsenal hasn't lost to Hull for 13 consecutive matches. Third, over the last 12 matches Arsenal has scored to Hull by 2 or more goals. Our bet is a handicap of -1 on the hosts.


Manchester United - Watford

Manchester United has been unbeaten for 13 matches in a row, and it has no problems with the team squad. Red Devils have good statistics against Watford: they have won the last 3 home side matches with TO 2.5. Moreover, 8 of 9 head-to-head confrontations between these teams were played with TO 2.5. We bet on a confident home side win with a difference of 2 goals.


Liverpool - Tottenham Hotspur

Despite the fact that Liverpool has not lost to Spurs for 9 matches in a row, it seems that the next match would interrupt this series. Currently Liverpool experiences a crisis: for the last 5 matches there was only one win, 2 defeats and 3 draws. Jurgen Klopp seems to be losing thread of collective management, he suffers from plenty of criticism. Spurs have gained a good condition, they have been unbeaten for 9 consecutive games in the Premier League. Most likely, they would not lose this time, but to be safe, you an take a double outcome on the guests.


⚽ Bets on February 10, 2017

Napoli - Genoa

Currently Napoli is an "over" team. Besides, Napoli is a team that has consistently scored by 2+ goals to its opponents in 8 of the last 9 matches. Plus, Napoli hasn't lost for 12 consecutive matches and has an unbeaten run against Genoa of 5 matches. We choose TO 2.5, as well as home side win.


Espanyol - Real Sociedad

Espanyol has gained good condition. The Basques have won the last 3 matches and approached a little to Real Sociedad. It's not easy to predict the outcome of the meeting but we recommend to pay attention to such detail: 5 of the last 6 home side matches of Espanyol against Real Sociedad were played with TO 2.5. It seems that this time the teams would exchange goals again. Ain't that a fact?


Bordeaux - PSG

PSG loves scoring Bordeaux. PSG has scored Bordeaux by 2 or more goals in 10 of the last 11 head-to-head matches. However, the current Bordeaux tries not to concede a lot at home side, so now Bordeaux at home side is an "under" team. Of course, the guests are favorites here. We offer a compromise bet - TO 3.


⚽ Bets on February 8, 2017

Crotone - Juventus

Juventus and Crotone have met twice: in 2006 Juventus won with a score of 0:3, and in 2007 - with a score of 5:0. As for more recent statistics, in the last 6 matches of Serie A Juventus has conceded only once. There is no doubt in the victory of the guests. We are confident Juventus to win with a handicap of 2 goals.


Bologna - Milan

Dark period has come for Milan. Rossoneri have lost the last 3 matches and would play without Zhakomu Boaventura. Also, Sosa won't play due to suspension. Yes, Milan has not lost to Bologna for 10 consecutive away matches, but there is no certainty that it would manage to win this time. Therefore, we offer to consider two bets: 1X and X.


Leicester Сity - Derby County

Leicester has played poorly in the championship. Perhaps, it could be able to rehabilitate in the cup? It has chances to do that. Leicester has won the last 5 home side matches against Derby. It has scored Derby by 2+ goals per match. Given that in the Premier League Ranieri's team has not scored for 4 matches in a row, they should break through in the cup. Besides, Derby has a lot of injured players. We bet on Leicester's win.


⚽ Bets on February 7, 2017

Roma - Fiorentina

Roma is very strong at home side: it has 13 consecutive victories. At the same time, Roma and Fiorentina have played mainly "over" matches between each other. There was such result in 8 of the last 10 matches. Fiorentina has played 9 of the last 11 matches with TO 2.5. However, the injury of the forward Kalinic can affect significantly on the effectiveness of the match. Anyway, we recommend you to bet on win of Roma and/or TO 2.5.


Monpole - Monaco

Monaco approaches the match in great condition and without losses. The hosts will play without Sessegnon and Remi due to their suspension. Recently Monpole has played good at home side, but in head-to-head meetings Monaco had an advantage. This team hasn't lost to Monpole for 22 matches. It is an easy bet on away win.


PSG - Lille

Despite the loss of Di Maria and Mineiro PSG is an absolute favorite here. Firstly, PSG hasn't lost at home side for 15 matches. Secondly, PSG hasn't lost to Lille for the last 12 matches. We bet on PSG's win with a margin of one goal.