⚽ Bets for the weekend April 29-30, 2017

CSKA - Spartak

CSKA really needs a victory in this derby and it has all the conditions for this. For the last 12 matches CSKA has lost only twice! Akinfeev has kept clean sheet in remaining 10 matches! The last three home side matches of CSKA against Spartak have been played with TU 2.5. In general, we expect here hard and stubborn match with a minimum number of goals. TU 3 is our bet.


Roma - Lazio

It is an uncompromising Roman derby! The last four matches of Lazio have been played with a total 2.5. However, for the last 20 matches at Stadio Olimpico Lazio has managed to win only once! Both teams are in the optimal squads, so we expect bright football and offer to bet on TO 2.5 and the victory of Roma!


Tottenham - Arsenal

The last three London derbies between the Spurs and the Gunners resulted in a draw. Arsenal would unlikely be able to defeat Spurs at home side because they have already won 12 matches in a row at their stadium! Both teams have injured players but all these losses are included in the coefficient so we recommend to bet on TO 2.5, since Arsenal has played the last 10 matches of the Premier League with this total. Also, the bet "both teams to score" looks good as the teams have been exchanging goals for the last 6 derbies.


⚽ Bets on April 29, 2017

Real Madrid - Valencia

The matches between Real Madrid and Valencia are almost always spectacular and rich on goals! The last 7 matches between these teams have been played with TO 2.5, while in the last 5 matches Valencia has scored Real Madrid by 2 goals! For Real, the loss of points in this match could result in the loss of the championship. As for Madrid, the team squad is weakened by injuries and suspensions. We bet on TO 2.5 in this match!


Espanyol - Barcelona

The Catalan derby is rather under. Espanyol has played the last 7 home side matches against Barca with TU 2.5. Barcelona also performed quite well - blaugranas have kept clean sheet in the last 4 away matches. Given the fact that Espanyol has played its last 5 matches in La Liga with TU 2.5, we offer to bet on "under" victory of Barcelona.


Wolfsburg - Bayern

Recently Borussia Dortmund has shocked Bavaria having knocked out it of the German Cup! Now Bayern needs to be rehabilitated and it looks like it is Wolfsburg to be destroyed. Wolfsburg hasn't managed to score in the last 3 matches against Bayern, it has conceded 8 goals for those three matches. The tradition should be continued - Bayern would win with a difference of 2-3 goals, it is our forecast.


⚽ Bets on April 27, 2017

Manchester City - Manchester United

United had good results in away matches: in 5 of the last 7 away matches Manchester United has kept clean sheet. But it would be better to forget about this statistic, since all the nominal central defenders of MU are injured. Therefore, we are sure that the City would score to De Gea at least once. We recommend you to bet on AH 1.25.


FC Sevilla - Celta de Vigo

In recent matches Sevilla has looked very good. It hasn't lost for 10 matches in a row, having kept clean sheet in the last 5 home side matches. In general, at home side Seville is an "under" team. Giving the fact that now Celta is focused on semi-final of the Europe League, and taking into account Diaz's suspension, we recommend TU 2.5 or bet on victory of the hosts.


Athletic Bilbao - Real Betis

In general, Athletic plays well at home side, especially against Betis. For example, the Basques have won 6 of the last 7 home side matches. They won the last 3 home side matches against Betis, having scored by 2+ goals in the last 5 matches. Both teams have approximately optimal squads, so we expect a confident victory of the hosts in this match.


⚽ Bets on April 26, 2017

Arsenal - Leicester Сity

Unlike Leicester, Arsenal is not in the best condition now. Nevertheless, it is Leicester against which the Gunners have excellent statistics: 6 wins with TO 2.5 in the last 6 matches. Nevertheless, the condition of Leicester that has already scored by 2+ goals for 7 matches in a row, indicates that it wouldn't be easy for Arsenal to win. We bet on TO 2.5.


Bayern Munich - Borussia Dortmund

While Bayern played not good in the Bundesliga and the Champions League, the Munichers demonstrated strong football in the Cup. Here they had a series of 27 unbeaten matches. In recent matches, Bayern has had 8 wins and 7 dry matches (in the Cup). Both teams have eliminated the Champions League, so their attitude will be equally serious. We bet on TO 2.5 here.


PSG - Monaco

Do you find the coefficient on Monaco surprising? Don't be surprised, guests are carrying a reserve team squad. Moreover, we expect a minimum coefficient on the hosts before the match, so the bet on PSG's victory looks very obvious and unprofitable. It would be better to take PSG's victory with a handicap of 2-3 goals.


⚽ Bets on April 25, 2017

Chelsea - Southampton

Currently Chelsea experiences emotional rise: they reached the FA Cup final. If we look at the last 10-15 matches of Chelsea at Stamfort Bridge, we'll find out that an absolute majority of them have been played with TO 2.5. Chelsea also played home side matches against Southampton with TO 2.5, although in general, we can't say that matches between these teams are "over." We offer to take a compromise bet TU 3.5.


Atletico - Villarreal

This is a match between two "under" teams. Atletico hasn't conceded in 6 of the last 8 matches, and Villarreal has managed to keep clean sheet in the last 3 head-to-head matches against Atlético. It is a clear bet on TU 2.5 here.


Granada - Málaga

This is a match between two "under" outsiders. Malaga hasn't managed to win for 19 away matches, having played the last 5 matches with TU 2.5. In the last 8 matches, Granada has had 7 losses and 1 draw. The last 3 matches between these teams have been played in a draw. It is an easy bet on TU 2.5 and/or "under" draw (0:0, 1:1).


⚽ Bets for the weekend April 22-23, 2017

Real Madrid - Barcelona

It's usually difficult to predict the winner of the match between these teams but not this time. Barcelona has almost given the championship to Real Madrid. Barcelona has played both matches against Juventus in the Champions League very poorly. In addition, Barcelona will play without Neimar. Should we go into a deep analysis of the match? Everything seems obvious here: Real Madrid at the peak of its condition, Barcelona has bad condition. Real Madrid should win this match!


Rostov - Spartak М

Rostov has very interesting statistics: the last 5 matches have been played with the same score - 0:0! Rostov hasn't lost for 27 home side matches in a row and hasn't conceded for 7 matches in a row! Spartak is also in great condition and moves confidently to the championship title. In general, we expect TU 2.5 to be good bet for this match.


Fiorentina - Inter

Matches between Fiorentina and Inter are usually "over". It's especially true for Artemio Franks. As a rule, it is Fiorentina who scores most of the goals in the match between these teams. In recent matches Inter has shown not the best defense, having conceded more than it had been expected. Therefore it is a good opportunity to take TO 2.5 here.


⚽ Bets on the Europe League April 20, 2017

Manchester United - Anderlecht

The standard match from Manchester United for the last time: a lot of moments, a minimum of goals and eventually a draw. The current Manchester is clearly an "under" team. Only in the Europe League mankunians has played "under" in the last 4 matches. Andrelecht has also played the last 3 matches in the Europe League with TU 2.5. We predict here the minimum victory of Manchester United.


Besiktas - Olympique Lyonnais

Both teams are typically "over", it has been confirmed by the last match. Lyon has played 90% of its matches in the current Europe League with TO 2.5. Besiktas has also played "over" in its last 5 matches. Both teams have suspended players. In Lyon it is Raphael, and in Besiktas - Marsaelo and Vicente Abouobakar. Given the result of the first match, we offer an easy bet on TO 2.5 here.


KRC Genk - Celta de Vigo

Celta continues its winning run in the Europe League. Vigo has won all the last five matches. In addition, in the last 3 matches Celta has scored by 2+ goals. Genk still has a lot of injuries and problems in defense. Be sure that Celta will score in this match. And, most likely, it would do that more than once!


⚽ Bets on the Champions League April 19, 2017

Barcelona - Juventus

We remember Barça's incredible comeback in the match against PSG, but in the match against Juventus this story is unlikely to happen again. And that's why: Juventus has played 7 of 9 its matches in the Champions League to zero, while Turin club has won the last 5 matches. Knowing the defense problems of Barcelona (plus Mascherano's participation is on issue), we can expect that blaugranas would miss a goal at the Camp Nou with a high probability. And this would mean the end of intrigue. We offer to take in this match TU 2.5.


Monaco - Borussia Dortmund

It will be incredibly difficult for Borussia to correct the result of the first match. The suspension of Fabigno can help them partly. However, most likely we should expect a lot of goals in this match. Firstly, the result of the first match contributes to this, and secondly, both teams in the Champions League played only "over" football. Monaco has played the last 6 matches of the Champions League with TO 2.5. Borussia has played 9 of the last 11 matches with TO 2.5. It is also obvious that the teams would exchange goals.


⚽ Bets on the Champions League April 18, 2017

Real Madrid - FC Bayern Munich

Despite the successful first match of Real Madrid (1:2), things are still very difficult in this match. However, something is almost obvious - we should expect goals. In the last match, Neuer has made a record number of saves: he saved his team at least 10 times! And given the fact that in the last 9 matches of the Champions League, Real Madrid scored at least by 2 goals per match, it will likely to score at least one goal. Also, all the last 9 matches with Real have been played with TO 2.5. And don't forget that Bayern will play without Martinez, and this is another reason in favor of TO 2.5.


Leicester City - Atlético Madrid

Atletico is a typical "under" team in this Champions League. Actually, Atletico has won the first match with its favorite score of 1:0 and now it will do what it does best - to defend effectively. The additional problem of Leicester, in spite the score of the first match, is suspension of Robert Hoot. We expect this match to be "under".